Helena Lacy

Photo by Lawrence Artitzone

Helena lacy is a London based Sculptor and Ceramicist. Graduated from Wimbledon College of Art, with a degree in Technical Arts and Special Effects for Stage and Screen.  Helena creates abstract sculptures and vases from clay. She likes her work to encourage a playful attitude to ceramics, reminding the audience of the open approach we have to art in our childhood - learning with our hands and interacting with objects.

 As a ceramicist working with your hands, touch is an integral part of the creative process - and she believes this can be sensed by the viewer from the finished piece itself. Helena likes pushing the boundaries of clay and seeing how far she can make the medium curve and stretch using the coil building technique, by mimicking a drawing and discovering along the way what’s actually possible when you try to make a 3D sculpture from a 2D image.

 She focuses on curved shapes which she finds have always been the most sensory - they can evoke a feeling of pleasure as well as comfort. The work takes inspiration from the many textures and shapes found in nature - specially lava, rock and mineral formations. The ease with which one can enjoy these natural forms is something she tries to replicate. It is important that the viewer derives a sense of joy from her work.

She is based in The Arches Studios in Peckham.